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Different people perceive and process information in different ways. And this explains why similar circumstances will bring about different reactions. The meaning we attach to situations can either make us overwhelmed with negative interpretations, or lead to positive thinking. Positive thinking will lead to healthy and optimistic thinking; which causes a good mood. There are many benefits of having a good mood.

  • It enhances self esteem.
  • Boosts school achievement and work performance.
  • Decreases anxiety.
  • Helps maintain optimal social interactions.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Speeds recovery from illnesses.


Positive thinking must be an ongoing and permanent mental activity. It should extend to all life aspects. Consider the following:

  1. Positive thinking about self. Accept yourself as you are. Avoid comparing yourself with others. Accept your limitations and work on your areas of growth. Stop and avoid self deprecating thoughts.
  2. Think positively about the past. Accept the past knowing that you cannot change it though it may have contained quite unpleasant events. Blaming your past on your present is a waste of time and energy. Remember the past and enjoy it, your attitude will improve to a more positive one.
  3. Think positively about the future. The future can be changed with your today’s attitude. Thinking with confidence and hope about tomorrow increases the probability of a much more successful future. Always make plans to prevent negative events instead of becoming anxious.
  4. Think positively about people and environment. Not everything around us is perfect, but there are beautiful things and experiences. Try to understand other people’s problems and help them whenever you can, and your attitude becomes pleasant.

NB: Being optimistic does not mean being careless and irresponsible. Don’t fall into the habit of taking things lightly with the excuse of avoiding worry. Being optimistic is to avoid being overwhelmed with negative interpretations and being able to transform problems into challenges and to understand that something good may come out of adversity.

Filling our minds with spiritual thoughts can be a safe way to attain mental peace


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