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Most of us love medication. Enormous number of families continues to take between five and eight different medications at a time every day. Yes many need them and perhaps cannot live without them. However; some people are addicted to all types of medications and take them even when not needed to.

It is more important to know how to live to prevent diseases than having great varieties of remedies at hand. Most diseases have their origin in the mind. We need to know how to harbor healthy thoughts, right attitudes, and noble feelings. This way we will be able to free ourselves from many physical illnesses, thus enjoying better health without needing to depend so much on medication.

Hatred, anger, envy, gossip, selfishness, resentment, anxiety, worry, and fear are real poisons for the spirit and the body as much as goodness, inner peace and trust in higher power are preservers of health. Adopting good habits in life is another way of preventing disease. We all learnt the habits that we have. If they are the source of our diseases, which are both physical and mental, then we need to unlearn them, and then relearn new habits that will promote wellness and wholeness.

Life Whisper services provides an environment where you explore your thought, feelings and attitudes so as to make the necessary changes to your wellbeing.
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