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Different people perceive and process information in different ways. And this explains why similar circumstances will bring about different reactions. The meaning we attach to situations can either make us overwhelmed with negative interpretations, or lead to positive thinking. Positive thinking will lead to healthy and optimistic thinking; which causes a good mood. There are many benefits of having a good mood.

  • It enhances self esteem.
  • Boosts school achievement and work performance.
  • Decreases anxiety.
  • Helps maintain optimal social interactions.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Speeds recovery from illnesses.


Positive thinking must be an ongoing and permanent mental activity. It should extend to all life aspects. Consider the following:

  1. Positive thinking about self. Accept yourself as you are. Avoid comparing yourself with others. Accept your limitations and work on your areas of growth. Stop and avoid self deprecating thoughts.
  2. Think positively about the past. Accept the past knowing that you cannot change it though it may have contained quite unpleasant events. Blaming your past on your present is a waste of time and energy. Remember the past and enjoy it, your attitude will improve to a more positive one.
  3. Think positively about the future. The future can be changed with your today’s attitude. Thinking with confidence and hope about tomorrow increases the probability of a much more successful future. Always make plans to prevent negative events instead of becoming anxious.
  4. Think positively about people and environment. Not everything around us is perfect, but there are beautiful things and experiences. Try to understand other people’s problems and help them whenever you can, and your attitude becomes pleasant.

NB: Being optimistic does not mean being careless and irresponsible. Don’t fall into the habit of taking things lightly with the excuse of avoiding worry. Being optimistic is to avoid being overwhelmed with negative interpretations and being able to transform problems into challenges and to understand that something good may come out of adversity.

Filling our minds with spiritual thoughts can be a safe way to attain mental peace


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A few days ago, my friends and I were having a casual talk on how everybody in our society is behaving in unacceptable way but it seems right to everybody around. There is corruption in every institution, young people having multiple sex partners, church leaders involved in scandals, extra marital activities have been normalized, young and old abusing drugs and many more. I have been thinking about that particular talk and wondering what changed, or what is happening to us. One of the things that could contribute to these kinds of behaviors is low self esteem.

Self esteem is a way in which a person values self.  It is trait that develops from a very early stage in life. We tend to compare ourselves to those around us. We also tend to pick positive and negative messages from our primary caregivers which tend to shape how we view ourselves, and the price tag we place on ourselves. Positive messages like, you are beautiful, you are a brilliant child, you are a fast learner, and many more, instill confidence in a child. However; negative messages such as, Mary is better than you, you are a stupid child, you can never do anything right, your nose is too big and many more, tend to put a child down and lose confidence.


Good or high self-esteem doesn’t make one a bragger, or a bully. It doesn’t make one to constantly remind others on how important you are, how rich you are, how you are better than others, who your family is, how many sexual partners you have. It is not being self centered or being narcissistic, or proud. It is not putting others down, or belittling them to your glory and promotion. It is not doing all the wrong or socially unacceptable things to gain popularity.

People with low self esteem tend to compensate for their inadequacies. Because they were meant to belief that they are not beautiful or handsome, then they get into premarital sex or extra marital sex to prove that they are “loved”. They get into drug and substance abuse; they do things to prove a point to themselves and others, and to fill the empty gaps. They sad reality is that they don’t get any satisfaction; they end up feeling more inadequate, unworthy, and all the negative feelings. And they continue the self hurt. 


It is knowing who you are, your strengths and your areas that need to work on to grow. It is the way in which we appreciate and respect ourselves. It is the balanced measure of valuing ourselves. It is asking for forgiveness. Not joking or mocking others, providing family support. It is emphasizing positive features in others. It is recognizing special needs of everyone, controlling your thoughts, keeping fit, forgiving yourself. Self esteem is an honest and positive look at everything that one is and has. It is the ability to ask for help in order to attain self worth and self growth so as to self actualize. This act represents the first step on the path to positive living within the society.

Finding and giving help to our parents, children, youth, leaders, and everybody around us on issues self esteem, will minimize cases of corruption and unacceptable behaviors in our families, churches, community and the government at large. Help and mentorship is available. We don’t have to be an immoral and bent society.

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Human beings have four (4) distinct components or facets. If you wish for a life of total health, then you must nourish each and every one of these facets. This will also help you develop as a person and increase your potential in life. You must avoid focusing on one aspect as this will end up with a significant imbalance. The four facets are;

  • The Physical
  • The mental
  • The social
  • The spiritual


This dimension is basic and affects all the others. It is the body image. It is what we first see in an individual. It calls for exercising every day, good sleep, health diet, and avoiding the use of harmful substances in to your body.


The brain directs all aspects of existence. Always give yourself mental tasks such as reading, study, critical analysis of issues, and deep conversations. Control your thought patterns and get into the habit of making effective decisions. Control your character through your thinking. All responsible behaviors develop in your mind.


Nourish your social relationships. Devote time and effort to strengthen links with your family, friends, peers neighbors and all the significant others in your life. Good social relations prevent a variety of mental disorders. The joys and pains of life are magnified by the effects of relationships.


Serious consideration of this dimension signifies the highest level of personal development. In morality, reflect on good and evil. In aesthetics, exercise a taste of beauty, art and daily cleanliness and orderliness. In the religious area, search for God, the higher power. Reconcile with your creator and enjoy a beautiful and lasting relationship, which is the essence of a beautiful life worth living.

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Most of us love medication. Enormous number of families continues to take between five and eight different medications at a time every day. Yes many need them and perhaps cannot live without them. However; some people are addicted to all types of medications and take them even when not needed to.

It is more important to know how to live to prevent diseases than having great varieties of remedies at hand. Most diseases have their origin in the mind. We need to know how to harbor healthy thoughts, right attitudes, and noble feelings. This way we will be able to free ourselves from many physical illnesses, thus enjoying better health without needing to depend so much on medication.

Hatred, anger, envy, gossip, selfishness, resentment, anxiety, worry, and fear are real poisons for the spirit and the body as much as goodness, inner peace and trust in higher power are preservers of health. Adopting good habits in life is another way of preventing disease. We all learnt the habits that we have. If they are the source of our diseases, which are both physical and mental, then we need to unlearn them, and then relearn new habits that will promote wellness and wholeness.

Life Whisper services provides an environment where you explore your thought, feelings and attitudes so as to make the necessary changes to your wellbeing.
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