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Welcome to Life Whisper Services

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LIFE WHISPERS was founded as a centre of whispering hope and peace to the distressed individuals through tailor-made services so that individuals can gain insight to their setbacks, be able to use their sources to be able to reach maximum potential in life.

Life whispers was founded in the year 2017 July under the able leadership of Caren Gichana.

Caren Gichana

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Caren Gichana is a warm and pleasant professional who is passionate in giving hope to others. She has a strong commitment and drive in her work of restoring hope and wholeness.

She is a graduate from Africa Nazarene University in counseling psychology, having specialized in addictions counseling and medical health counseling.

She is trained in the area of project management and has great experience in the field of counseling/addictions treatment having worked in various organizations including drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

Caren is also a competent counselor/corporate trainer who loves moving individuals to better levels of realizing their potential.

She is also a certified mediator from Mediation Training International (MTI).

During her free time, Caren serves in her local church and community as a way of giving back.

Caren Gichana Competences

Areas of Expertise:
✔Project management

✔Counseling/Addictions Treatment

✔Counselor/Corporate Trainer

✔Certified Mediator

Specialization: Addictions counseling & Medical health counseling.

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Our Philosophy

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To give dignified treatment to our clients through individualized treatment for the restoration of the whole person


To give individualized whisper of hope by tailor making programs to meet psychological and mental health goals

Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Dignity
  • Individualization

Goals & Objectives

  • To empower individuals to achieve psychological and mental health wellness through learning
  • Giving advisory services to managers to handle work place issues.
  • To offer mediation services to reconcile conflicting parties.
  • To give individualized assessment and advice on proper action to take based on client’s need.

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